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THE STORY OF DUTCH GABLED HOUSES: comparing Kent with East Anglia and further afield.

IOTAS member Gordon Taylor, probably the country’s leading expert on Dutch gables, will deliver his illustrated lecture which he gave at Norwich University to the Norfolk Historic Building Group in April 2018, with examples from around Europe.

This is a special FREE talk from IOTAS
When? Monday 29 October, 7.00 pm.
                                                                                                 Where? Crampton Tower Yard, High St, Broadstairs  CT102AB


Find  our programme for 2018 on our What’s on Page!

Our programme of talks starts on Monday 26 February, 7.00 for 7.45pm at Crampton Tower Yard, Broadstairs, CT10 2AB.  The first talk is by a local Anglo-Saxon group – keep in touch and don’t miss it!


IOTAS Archaeological Studies Lecture Course 2018


The Goddess in Archaeology and Myth


  1. Goddesses of Old Europe? Looking at the evidence for a Neolithic              12 March  Great Goddess
  2. Eostre: The Spring Goddess: the development of a Saxon Goddess                 9 April
  3. Robin Hood and Maid Marion: the origins of the famous outlaw and            14 May  his bride
  4. The Children of the Goddess Danu: The Celtic Gods and the Fairy Folk      18 June
  5. Mother Tongue: Looking at the Prehistoric origins of language and the              9 July    alphabet
  6. Corn Dollies and Harvest Queens: Pagan elements in farming traditions   24 Sept.
  7. The Sky Mother: Henges and the Milky Way                                                              8 Oct.
  8. The Running of the Deer: The old Northern horned goddess                            12 Nov. ___________________________________________________________

Each session runs from 7.00-9.00 pm

Lecturer: John Grigsby – he has lectured in archaeology and myth for the University of Kent, worked for English heritage for 15 years and is now working for Canterbury Archaeological Trust while writing his PhD on Stonehenge with Tim Darvill

ADVANCE BOOKING ESSENTIAL – Fee for all eight lectures £80: individual lectures £12, including refreshments and course materials. Under 18s (minimum age 16): all eight lectures £65, individual lectures £10 each.

Limited places – book early!

For course details and enrolment:  mail@iotas.org.uk , message us on our Facebook page (Isle of Thanet Archaeological Society), or write to IOTAS at: Crampton Tower Yard, High Street, Broadstairs, CT10 2AB.



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