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pub-iotThe Isle of Thanet – from Prehistory to the Norman Conquest

A comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the archaeological evidence, written by the Deputy Director of The Trust for Thanet Archaeology.

 G. Moody

Copies available through online booksellers – prices vary

Tempus Publishing 2008


A report on the Society’s 1999/2000 fieldwork in search of the Medieval village of Woodchurch.

D.H White

50p add 75p for postage

IOTAS Publication

pub-sketchesSketches of Historic Thanet

A history in cartoon format, a useful companion for walks around the Isle.

D.R.J Perkins

                                                  £3.50 add £1.50 postage

     IOTAS Publication

dutchgableThanet’s Dutch & Flemish Style Houses of the 16th to 18th Centuries

With a Foreword by Dr Steven Ladyman, ex government Minister and local MP; a history of the style and materials; 30 colour photos; three 19th century drawings of houses no longer standing; a guided tour of all 58 surviving examples plus a specially commissioned painting.

                                              Gordon Taylor

                                                 To buy this book, please contact us at  and                                                                          we will forward your request to the author.                                                                £9.99 plus £2 postage

                                           “St Augustines First Footfall”

                                             Gerald Moody

                                           An investigation of the landscape, historical and cultural context of                                               Thanet in 597 AD which seeks to identify possible locations of St                                                Augustine’s arrival on the Isle of Thanet

                                              £8.00 plus £2.00 postage

                                                    “Excavations of Iron Age Pit and Roman Cave at                                                        Manston on the Isle of Thanet”

                                            Colin A Baker

                                                       An in-depth report of stratigraphic and archaeological                                                             investigations at Spratling Court Farm chalk quarry, Manston,                                                    Kent

                                                   £1.00 plus £2.00 postage.

                                               “San Sebastian Chapel on the Hill”

                                                Bob Varnham

                                                A detailed report of excavations in the San Sebastian area of                                                              Margate, compiled by one of our most experienced local                                                            historians and archaeologists

                                         50p plus 75p postage.

                                        Historic Period Pottery – an introductory guide

                                         1: Late Iron Age to Medieval  2: Late Medieval to Post Medieval

                                         Nigel MacPherson Grant

                                      A most descriptive booklet with illustrations compiled by our very                                                own pottery expert

                                         £5.00 plus £2.00 postage

                                 Back copies of Current Archaeology, Ancient Egypt:  50p each

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