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OTHER SOCIETY EVENINGS – currently suspended.
On Monday evenings we meet from 7.15 pm to 9 pm in our room at Crampton Tower, Broadstairs. If no organised talk on archaeology or local history has been arranged, we have an occasional informal talk by one of our members.  Otherwise this is an informal members’ get-together where we might do some pot-washing, or prepare for a future project, or just simply have a catch up.

We also have a library containing books about history and archaeology which members are free to use.

If you are interested in joining the Society then this is a good way to meet us and find out what’s going on so please feel free to just drop in!

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Find out about events being held by The Trust for Thanet Archaeology.


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  1. Tried to get to tonights ZOOM meeting onCaesars Landing gave up in disgust after typing a 60character URL

    BUT found some useful info
    Canterbury Archaeological Trust
    DctgegcSedgpemgbfnherl ohn1s8h,oc 20d2rshSe0d ·
    This week we bring to you the wonderful world of ditches! Ditches have been used for centuries for draining water, marking boundaries, and keeping things out (or in!). Ditches are a common feature of archaeological sites and can tell you a lot about how people were living in the landscape centuries ago.
    This ditch at Thanet Parkway is an enclosure ditch and dates to the late Iron Age or early Roman period. The site has an extensive network of these ditches which represent an ancient field system. Questions about whether this was managed by an isolated farmstead or belongs to a larger settlement will hopefully be answered as the excavation continues!

    • administrator says:

      Sorry you had problems with the Caesar lecture, but you don’t need to type out the whole link, just click on it. Apparently they were oversubscribed for this lecture and quite a few people were unable to get in. You would need to contact Canterbury Archaeological Trust for other information about this lecture, as it was not put on by IOTAS – we just sent out the publicity for it as a service to our members, as we are currently unable to put on our own talks due to the Covid restrictions.

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